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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hi . . . I'm new here.

"I am starting a blog" - This is what I told my husband a while back. His response?? "Why?"

Hmmmm . . . typical Michael. Don't know who Michael is?? Well he is that hunk standing next to me in the picture over there to your left. Yes that is our wedding photo . . . NO we weren't wearing black to be silly. Black is slimming. I was pregnant at the time and that kind of stuff is important when you are pregnant. That and remembering not to throw up on the pastor. Good times, good times. Anyway, that is a whole different post. What was I saying?? Oh yeah.

Anyway . . . he did deserve an answer though . . . right? Well, I am starting this blog so that all of our friends and family can keep up with us as we start this journey in the Army life.

If they want to. It isn't going to be required or anything. No tests . . . that I know of. :-)

That and I figured that Michael might have time when he is at AIT to get on the internet and this way he would be able to see what has been going on. It might just be wishful thinking, but worth the effort none the less.

So this is my first post. Not too much to it right now. I don't have any pictures on the computer that I am working on. Ugh. I will have to upload them to my netbook, which is slow. Double ugh. Totally worth it though . . right??

So for now I will just say that everyone is good. We are counting down the weeks until Michael goes into Boot Camp. He will be taken to a hotel room on September 12. Not long now.

Too soon in fact. I am completely supportive of this, but I will admit this is harder than I thought. I will save the tears for another post.


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