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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am Not Good at Making Friends

You might not agree with that statement, but it's true.

Yes, I do have an amazing village of mamas whom I love more than I could ever put into words. BUT it took me years and years to get them.

Now I will be leaving them all. *tears*

I am happy to be moving with my husband and so excited to be in a new place, but I am very sad to leave behind the women that have, at times literally, kept me going.

I want to tell you all how I feel about you, but that will have to come another time.

Just know that no matter how far away I might be, I am always loving on you. Call me. Text me. Facebook me. KEEP IN TOUCH!!!

I love you all!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am 31

I almost titled this post wrong.

I had to look at it again and think . . . hey! I'm not 32 yet!!!

This forgetfulness of my age is all Michael's fault.

Yes I am blaming him. What of it?

You see I met Michael when I was 23. He started my life over. He made me breathe different. Since meeting him, I have been alive.

So, in my head I have stopped at 23.

No I am serious. If someone asks me how old I am, I really struggle to not say "23". I have to think about it.

So, today on my birthday I may actually be turned 31 . . . but I just think of it as anothr day to spend with my precious husband and my family. This will be my 8th birthday spent with Michael and I hope to have 88 more to spend with him.

Thank you God for my family.

Happy birthday to me.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moving Forward

I am very happy my husband is home. Believe me I am. I am also, however, very stressed with everything going on with the move.

Some is Army stuff. A lot is Army stuff. But I will not go down that road right now, because that isn't why I sat down to write.

I sat down to write about the stress and how it, well, stresses our marriage.

My husband and I have a wonderful marriage. I am proud of the way we are, most of the time. We aren't perfect, but we ARE perfect for each other.

I love that one of my closest friends said something like "I don't know two people who were more made for each other than the two of you".

Wow. She's been married a good while ya'll. She's been through it and seen it and SHE thinks we were made for each other.

Warms my heart right up.

We are not always nice to each other. I am not good at handling stress and he struggles with handling me when I am stressed. ;)

These things didn't just pop up over night though. He knew I was this way and I knew he was the way he is. We fell in love with each other like this and although we may change slightly we still love each other very much.

We fight. We are not always nice. We are human. BUT we really love each other.

He is my perfect man. I strive to be his perfect woman. There is, always has been and always will be love. No matter the stress.

So I will take each day, hour, minute and second as it comes and pray with each breath that we will keep the love and try to be more kind.

I will NOT however pray for patience.

I don't have a deathwish ya know. ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fort Drum . . . Here We Come

Hey, I'm a poet and didn't know it. hahaha *snort*

A'hem . . back to being a tad bit more serious. :)

Most everyone knows that we got our orders from the Army and we will be stationed at Fort Drum, New York. We are excited even though the general information from people is that because of the snow we will hate it. We are staying positive.

Michael and I thought that a place totally different from Texas would be fun. I guess we will see.

The main concern right now is finding housing and keeping us all warm when we get there. Which will be in about 3 weeks. Wow . . . that is crazy to say.

I have lived outside of Texas before, for a short while, but Michael hasn't until he went to BCT. This will be very new to him and the kiddos.

With everything new there are moments of fear and anxiety, but I believe it will all work out to be the best thing ever. I am thrilled at the thought of having four seasons . . . even if winter dominates most of the year. ;)

There are other fears as well. This duty station seems to deploy a lot. That is a whole other ball of wax in my anxiety department. God will watch over us. I know this. So I will try to have peace.

Here are some links to info on Fort Drum. Enjoy!!!,_New_York Hoping this one works. :)