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Friday, August 27, 2010

Family Pictures

We haven't had family pictures taken in a long, long time. When I say a long time, I mean since 2005 long time. Where has time done?!?

We decided that family pictures where needed before Michael left for boot camp, which is coming waaaay too fast now.

A wonderful and talented friend offered to take the pictures for us. Let me tell you now that I loved her to death before, so that you don't mistake all the love going out to her from this post to be ALL about the pictures. :)

Here we all are. Yes I know this is the only one of me. I did that on purpose. Moving on . . .

Our beautiful blessings.

Here is that hottie . . I mean my husband with our children acting silly. Actually they are acting normal but I will let you believe they are acting silly. I LOVE this picture.

My precious boys. Did you know that I always wanted a house totally full of boys?? I will wait that for another post.
What is this we have here?? A girl?!?!? How did she make it into my "family of all boys"?? No one knows, but we thank God for her daily.

Isn't she lovely?? I totally have that song stuck in your head now right? I tried. :)
The bow and tutu were made by sweet wonderful friends of mine. I love them too! Thank you Audrey and Kate!!

Awe! Look at that silly, silly girl!

Aren't they great?!?!? I love you my sweet friend who braved my crazy family to get these precious pictures. To make all of this even better, all of these pictures took something like 20 minutes to get. Woohoo!!!!
I am going to order some of the pictures to put up in our room so that they kids get to see Michael every day and night.

Love ya'll,

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