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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finding Balance

Finding balance is tough. I think we will be working on it forever, BUT I am making progress.

I have changed the way I am eating and it seems to be working right now. I still crave the bad things. My brain still wants to over eat and stuff my face with crap, but it is getting better. Balance.

Michael and I are talking more right now and that is awesome. I do have to limit myself to how long I sit at the computer with him or the house goes crazy. Balance.

The house is getting easier to deal with. The list of bigger projects is slimming down and it more just the day to day chores around here. Those still keep me busy most of the time, but I am finding more time to rest and spend time with my kiddos. Balance.

Things in our life are always changing and I find that hard. Decisions are being discussed as to whether we will stay in the Army or get out when his contract is over. Lots of variables that cause stress and worry. God is in control of those things and will help us make the choices as long as we listen to His still small voice. That is hard though. This is where my balance is very off.

I want to take charge of everything and be proactive. I know what I want for our lives. It is Godly and is best for our family. The question is if it is God's plan. Something I am learning, painfully, is that God doesn't promise us that we will be happy. He promises that He will take care of our needs, but not all of our wants. We are to be Godly people. Not necessarily happy. We have to CHOOSE to be happy where God is putting us. Finding balance between what our hearts desire and what God wants from us. Balance.

Balance is tough, but we will get there.

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