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Friday, September 24, 2010

Jumptown 2010

Last year we discovered Jumptown. The kids, and Michael, loved it. Think big, no huge, bounce houses. :) See why they liked it.

So this year when we were discussing what fun we were going to try to fit in before Michael left Jumptown was top on the list.

We had a blast this time again. My only complaints are 1) the slides need to be fixed or replaced. Almost all of them need repairs that you can clearly see. 2) They let the bigger kids run through and knock over the little kids.

This time, since school was in, there weren't any bigger kids to run over my littles. The slides still need repairs though. All in all we love visiting Jumptown.

The following pictures should be self explanatory. :) Enjoy.

Told you Michael loved it.

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