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Monday, October 25, 2010

And I saw him standing there

Michael and I met under, well, weird circumstances. :)

I was introducing a good friend of mine to another good friend of mine, and Michael is the best friend of the male in that equasion.

John I had worked with before and Jessica is still one of my best friends. Jessica asked me to go with her to meet John and John asked Michael to go with him.

And I literally saw him standing there. He was so handsome. Hot really. ;) The first thing that popped into my head was "well he is waaaaaay out of your league!!!" Thank goodness I wasn't looking for anyone. Right???

We had a great time at the club we went to. Yes, I met my husband at a club. What of it?!? lol We actually talked a lot.

That next week Michael asked John to give me his number. I was thrilled. Life was really hard for me then and knowing that someone who was as wonderful as Michael would want to know me, made life so much better.

So on Friday, October 31, 2003 . . . which just happens to be one of our favorite holidays . . . my life changed completely. He came to Jessica's house to watch scary movies with Jess, John and I was there too . . . living now. It was going to get much harder before it would get easier, but Michael wanted to be a part of my life, and he was and is so worth any struggle I have to go through to be with him.

He is so worth it.

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