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Saturday, October 2, 2010

One year ago today . . .

I started labor with Bella. I didn't think it was real.

It was. :)

I can remember everything leading up to that night. I really didn't think that I was in labor.


I told Michael over and over that I wasn't ever having this baby. He wouldn't believe me. lol

I was just sitting here thinking of how I really enjoyed that day. It was beautiful and cool and I could feel her moving inside of me. I love that part of being pregnant.

I am kind of sad thinking about it all. Michael was home all the time then. We had tons of fun playing Wii, playing with the kids, talking, watching movies and getting ready for sweet Bella to get here.

He isn't here today.

All worth it I know, but still hard.

So I will go back in time, like I always do, and relive my births alone this time around.

He is probably happy about that. He would have gotten irritated with my hour by hour replay. :)

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