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Friday, May 25, 2012

My Husband is The Bomb

Funny title?   Well he is.  

I love my husband.  
I still get butterflies when he comes home.  
I still think he is the hottest man ever.  Ever.

Why?  Well I can't really answer that.  :)

It might be chemistry.  Or God's will that I found my other half.
Or that I don't have to worry about him.

He knows his responsibilities, at work and at home, and doesn't shy away from them.  He is loyal and kind.  He loves me through all my crazy.  He is the best daddy around.  He plays with the kids and changes diapers without complaining.  He loves the Lord and does his best to lead us down the right path.  He listens to Lil Wayne when he really wants to listen to Mudvayne.  He is just the greatest.

He is not perfect, but he is perfect for me.  :)

I find that a lot of wives don't have much good to say about their husbands.  I am not saying that those wives aren't right or that they don't have the right to say what they say.  A lot of times they do.  

I am not perfect either.  I have said not nice things about him.  I always feel bad saying them though.  The good outweighs the bad for sure.  

I think the best thing I have learned to do is not to compare him with other men.  Real or not.  If I find myself comparing him to someone on TV or in a movie I have to remember that they are not real.  Those perfect relationships are written that way.  Those stories took lots of writing and planning and retake after retake before they were that "perfect".  

If I got jealous of a friend's relationship, I would think of something nice Michael does for me.  

Her husband brought her flowers.  Well Michael helps with the laundry.

Her husband surprised her with a date and babysitter.  Michael knows exactly what to buy me for birthdays and Christmas.  He never has to ask.

Her husband bought her a new car.  Michael knows that a new car wouldn't make me happy.  :)

It took training and lots of time to think this way.  I still have trouble sometimes.  My person always reminds me of the good and I do my best to snap out of it. 

Our nature is to never be content.  We always want more or something different.  So we have to learn to find the good in everything in our life and be content.  

He hugs me when I am upset.
He held me without me having to ask when we found out about Sunny.
He protects us with everything in his being.
He loves on my pregnant belly and can't wait for the baby to move where he can feel.
He knows what I hate, like and love.
He holds my hand.  
He makes me laugh all the time.

He is the love of my life and I won't forget it.

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