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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Maternity Clothes or Bust!

We took a quick trip to the store that has a bullseye as their sign to look for maternity clothes. I was really disappointed.

When I was pregnant with Johnathon I bought two really nice maternity shirts from there and two pairs of shorts and a pair of jeans from Old....Navy.  That is all I needed with two of my pregnancies. With Bella I didn't really buy anything but I was given a bunch to borrow and to have.

Somewhere along all our moves my shorts and favorite shirts are gone.  I know I didn't get rid of them.  I have no clue where they are.  It is driving me nutso.

So I decided to go try some out.  Now I am a big girl.  I know this and I pick up clothes accordingly.  I tried on a basic t-shirt, a cute dress and a pair of shorts.  I didn't buy anything.

The shirt was way thin and very low cut for my taste.  I could see my bra in the front no matter how I tried to hide it.  The dress was the same way...very low cut and not made for my size bust.  The shorts looked like something a teenager would wear.  Very, very short.

I tend to be modest to the best of my ability.  Mostly because my husband doesn't like my chest hanging out for everyone to see.  To be honest I don't like that either.  Also I am not a skinny girl.  I don't like to flaunt my fat all over the place.  Not my thing at all.  :)

I have looked online at both stores and others and I just can not find what I am looking for.  I wanted a couple of shorts that went almost to my knees, a couple of shirts that you can't see through and that don't show off my chest at all and a couple of skirts.  Should be easy enough.  Right?

Oh well...until I can find something I will just stay with my regular clothes.  They aren't too tight yet.  I know they will be soon though.  Got to give a growing baby room to grow! 

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