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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Poorest We Have Ever Been

We had lived in our house for almost three years, and we got the feeling that we were supposed to move.  We were not sure where or how, since Michael didn't have a job.  

Did I mention I was 38 weeks pregnant when we started talking about this?  :)

Over the next six weeks everything fell into place for us to move out of our house and into a trailer.  I didn't say it fell into place in a good way, but it did fall.  :)

We moved to Wylie, Texas from Wolfe City, Texas when Bella was about 2 1/2 weeks old.  Craziness?  Yes.  It was a welcomed change though.  We didn't like the town we lived in and we didn't have enough money to make the drive to see family as often as we wanted.  It was good.

We lived in a nice trailer close to all kinds of stores and such that we had been so far away from for so long.  The problem with that is that we were poor.  I mean really poor.

I mean all of our bills, which were not that much, took all of our money which was just an unemployment check.  Michael had been looking for a job for a while, but we didn't see the point of him taking something that didn't at least make what the unemployment brought in.  Later came the army, but that isn't a post I have the stomach for now.  :)

While living in Wylie we didn't have any extra money.  We were eating what we could get from WIC with about $20 added to it a week.  Our families helped a ton, but money was still tight.  

Know the funny thing?  We were so very happy.  When Michael and look back at that time we only have great feelings about it.  We were going to church, learning about the bible and making major life decisions that we still follow today.  Some we don't.  *hangs head*

We can remember all of Bella's baby time there.  The boys discovering Veggie Tales and watching them over and over and over.  Turning on music and dancing around the house.  Cooking really great for you food with what we had.  Michael and I having lots of beautiful talks while I nursed itty bitty Bella.  

It was beautiful.  Makes me cry to think about.  Our time there ended quickly after Michael joined the army and we (gladly) moved in with his parents again.  Those days were beautiful too, but the relaxed love and family time was gone.  There was a deadline to our happiness.  I would have to take him to a Dallas hotel on September 12, 2010.  From there he would go to BCT and AIT.  Urgency and dread set in. 

But that isn't what this post is about.  This post is about those days when we ate chicken noodle soup for days on end and we were happy about it.  When snacky cakes at his parents house were the treat of the century and people were in awe that we could get all of us to church on time Sunday morning.  

I miss those days a lot.  Not that these days are beautiful and wonderful.  Believe me they are spectacular since he is home.  The dread is still always there.  When will go to field?  Will he miss another one of Bella's birthdays? (He has missed them all)  Will he deploy again?  Will he change his mind and stay in the army?

So here's to the innocence of Wylie.  Moral of this story?  We can be happy with little or nothing.  As long as we are together . . . anything is possible.

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