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Saturday, June 9, 2012

That Stinking Table

Last year, right after Michael was deployed, I bought a table that we had agreed on.  We have a table, but the screws to the chairs went missing years ago.  Michael worked hard to find screws to replace them, but those were misplaced in the move up here.

So we bought a new table.  I got the extremely heavy thing home, got it in the house and it was broken.  I then had to bother our neighbor, who I barely knew at the time, to help me get it back in the truck to take it back.  Then he was kind enough to help me get it back in the house.

It took me days to get all the chairs and the table together.  I had to ask a neighbor that I don't like being associated with to help me get the 350lb table upright.  It was a mess and such a pain.  When I got it up I was sort of happy with it but not thrilled.

The chairs seemed cheap even though we had paid good money for this table.  The table was ok, but I decided quickly that I didn't like that it was counter height.  The kids have all fallen off a chair while not paying attention.  The table then started chipping.  If I put a plate down on it there would be a mark.  

When all this started, I was going through a rough time with Michael being gone.  I made my way to Texas without thinking about the table again.  When Michael got home I asked him if he could try to put together our original table since I had found some of the screws.  We made the decision to try to sell the "new" table and go back to our old one.  

Lesson learned here?  New isn't always better.  The grass isn't always greener.  Things are made cheaply now.  

So we are cleaning it up, taking it apart, and asking the same sweet neighbor (who has become a wonderful family friend) to come help Michael get it into the garage.  Praying someone needs it and buys it from us.  

Here's to fixing things that are not working, instead of moving on.

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